Pet Friendly Rentals

Pet friendly no fee apartments in NYC are both easier to find and more difficult to secure than you might think at first, and much of it has to do with the type of pet or--in the most common potential deal-breaking animal, dogs--the size of the beast. Sound confusing? It is, whether you're looking for a pet friendly rental apartment in a luxury, amenities-packed high-rise building or a simple four-story walk-up.

That's because pet friendly guidelines differ on a building by building basis, and are even sometimes inconsistent among rental apartments within the same building. That said, with all of its magnificent parks as well as seemingly endless support and services available for animal owners, New York City is a great place to live with all kinds of pets.

We at Urban Edge are dog lovers, and we speak from experience. Here then are some thoughts on making your search for a pet friendly apartment in NYC as hassle free, and ultimately rewarding, as it can be.


NYC is a Pet Friendly Place to Live

New Yorkers are a resourceful lot, and just about every animal you can think of has spent some time living in an apartment here, from the expected menagerie of common and exotic species--such as cats and hamsters and pot-bellied pigs and geckos (a brief trend after people heard they gorged on cockroaches) and finches and fish and snakes (often seen draped around the neck of their owners in the park).

You will also find iguanas and gerbils and parrots (not to be confused with the wild parrots who live Brooklyn) all the way up to the guy who kept a fully-grown tiger AND a five-foot crocodile in his Harlem apartment—to that most visible of New York City pet (and, so, most potentially problematic in your apartment hunt), the dog.


Dog Friendly: New York City and Man's Best Friend

Most estimates put the dog population of Manhattan at around 280,000, so clearly plenty of people have found a pet friendly apartment to their (and their dog's) liking. Also, in 2008, New York City was voted to be America's "pet-friendliest destination" by Animal Fair magazine.

Most New York City dog owners choose to live within walking distance of one of the great parks, including (but not all limited to) Central Park, Riverside Park, Carl Shurz Park, Inwood Park, Prospect Park, and Pelham Bay Park.  Even smaller parks, such as Madison Square Park, and Washington Square Park, are likely equipped with dog runs these days, which is always a great place for you (and your dog) to meet your neighbors.


Rules and Regulations Regarding Pets

Most landlords, building owners, and managing agents will spell out a rental apartment's pet policies right up front, saving you time and (in the case of losing a dream apartment at the last minute because of your Yorkie), heartbreak.  If an apartment's pet friendliness (or lack thereof) is not immediately clear, it's always best to ask right away, or, if you have a particularly large dog, to clarify up front.

Some NYC apartments may be advertised as pet friendly, for example, but also have strict size policies for dogs. Other pet friendly quirks include additional "pet deposits" above and beyond the expected security deposits, and some landlords even require "pet interviews", though these seem mostly a way to make sure you're not downplaying the size or temperament of your four-legged friend.

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