Fordham Housing

Fordham housing is greatly dependent upon which of the University's schools, and on which of the two main campuses, you are enrolled. More than most of the other major New York City universities—think Columbia University, or New York University—Fordham's campuses, and, so, its student housing options, are separated by a considerable distance.

So if you're attending one of the schools at Fordham's Rose Hill campus, in the Bronx, you will likely be seeking student housing in one of the eleven on-campus options there (available for both freshman and upperclassmen), or in off-campus housing in the nearby Bronx neighborhoods of Fordham Manor, Fordham Heights, or Belmont.

If you're enrolled in one of the schools located in Lincoln Center campus, Fordham housing in or near that area on the Upper West Side is preferable. Yes, there is a shuttle bus that runs between the two campuses, and the D train has a station within a few blocks of each (the ride from Rose Hill to Lincoln Center is at least 30 minutes long, door to door), but for the most part Fordham University is structured so that all of your classes are in one place.


Fordham Student Housing: Rose Hill Campus

There are well over 3,000 students living in Fordham housing at its Rose Hill, or Bronx, campus, in either the five freshman dorms, or the six on-campus options for upperclassmen. Furnished and semi-furnished student housing is also available off campus, in the Belmont community, in several Fordham-managed and –maintained units. And, of course, there are always plenty of NYC no fee rental apartments on the market, which can be found on websites such as Urban Edge.

The Belmont neighborhood, where many Fordham students and faculty find affordable off campus housing, is most famous for its Little Italy, anchored by the crossing of Arthur Avenue and 187th Street. Also adjacent to the Fordham Rose Hill campus is The New York Botanical Garden, another New York City landmark.


Fordham University Housing: Lincoln Center Campus

Student housing on Fordham's Lincoln Center campus is supplied by McMahon Hall, home to nearly 750 undergraduate students and 140 students at the Fordham Law School. Fordham off campus housing in the great Upper West Side neighborhoods (Lincoln Square, Upper West Side, & Manhattan Valley) can often be found at the Fordham student housing office,  or in the marketplace at large, and on websites such as this one,

Note that NYC no fee apartments for rent in the immediate vicinity will be pricey. The good news is that the Fordham Lincoln Center campus is located right near the 1, 2, 3, A, B, C, and D subway lines, so any neighborhood also serviced by these lines are a viable option for off campus housing.

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