NYU Housing

NYU housing needs to satisfy the needs of some 38,000 full-time graduate and undergraduate students every year… a sizable chunk of the 500,000 total students living in New York City at any given time, more than there are PEOPLE living in cities like Oakland, Kansas City, and Minneapolis. Needless to say, the demands on the NYU housing department are considerable, and, for the most part, undergraduates are given enough options that even though there is no real NYU "campus"—Washington Square Park often functions as the University's quad—there is a cohesive feel to the student experience.

NYU housing begins with the 21 residence halls, a diverse mixture of stately old pre-war buildings and contemporary towers, located in neighborhoods as diverse as the West Village, the East Village, Greenwich Village, the Union Square area, Tribeca, Nolita, and Stuyvesant Town. For incoming students new to New York City and seeking NYU housing, this can sound a bit confusing, but all of these neighborhoods are within easy walking distance of each other, as well as from the main cluster of academic building's around Washington Square.

Also, of course, New York City has excellent public transportation, and NYU student housing provides door-to-door service via dozens of student- and faculty-only shuttle buses. For a detailed look at all 21 NYU housing residence halls, see the University Life pages at the official NYU website.


NYU Off Campus Housing and Summer Housing near NYU

Off campus housing for NYU students is a bit of a misnomer, given the lack of a central campus as such. Really, NYU off-campus housing simply means that you'll be living in a non residence hall, even though your apartment may be closer to your classrooms than those of students living in official NYU housing, or in a building right next door to a dorm.

That said, student housing for those who choose the off-campus route (or who are ineligible for a room in a residence hall) will have to be found via the sometimes overwhelming NYC real estate listings. The NYU Off Campus Service – Housing site is a good place to start, as are websites such as Urban Edge, which only lists no fee rental apartments, saving you thousands of dollars as opposed to those you'll find through a broker.  

If you choose to live off campus for your NYU housing or NYU summer housing needs, there are any number of excellent neighborhoods from which to choose. Apartments in communities closest to school (mentioned above) are much coveted, of course, but can be quite expensive.

For a more affordable option, many students and faculty seeking NYU housing take the subway to classes, and make their home in places such as Murray Hill and the Upper East Side (a quick 6 train ride away from Union Square and Astor Place) or in Brooklyn, in neighborhoods like Williamsburg and Greenpoint (take the L train to Union Square), or Prospect Heights, Fort Greene, Park Slope South, Windsor Terrace, or  Kensington, all right the F train line, about 30 minutes away from West 4th Street) 

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