Yeshiva University Housing

Your Yeshiva University housing options are as far-flung as the Yeshiva campus itself. Yeshiva University is the country's oldest and, perhaps, most prestigious institution that emphasizes both traditional Jewish scholarship with contemporary undergraduate and graduate studies in the fields as the liberal arts, medicine, law, psychology, the sciences, social work and business.

As Yeshiva University has grown over the last century, the campus has spread throughout three boroughs (and, by the way, to Israel), and so the availability and whereabouts of your Yeshiva housing depends almost entirely on which of the university's schools you are attending. 

Yeshiva on-campus housing is most abundant on the Wilf Campus in the Washington Heights neighborhood in Manhattan, home to the undergraduate schools for men as well as the rabbinical seminary and the graduate schools for social work, Jewish music, Jewish education and administration, among others, and considered to be the university's main campus. There are four Yeshiva dormitories on the Wilf Campus, serving the various schools and level of study.

Yeshiva housing is also available at the university's two other Manhattan campuses. The Beren Campus in the Murray Hill neighborhood also has four Yeshiva dormitories, located within seven or so blocks of each other, constructed and maintained to serve students of the undergraduate schools for women.

The Brookdale Center in Greenwich Village, right near Union Square, also has Yeshiva housing for law students at the renowned Benjamin Cardozo School of Law. Finally, the Resnick Campus, in the Morris Park community of the Bronx, offers housing for students of the Albert Einstein School of Medicine and the Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology.


Yeshiva Off Campus Housing

Yeshiva off-campus housing can be found with the help of the university's Student Affairs office, as well as through real restate websites such as Urban Edge, where we only post listings of NYC no-fee rental apartments that are offered directly by the owner. By not going through a real estate broker to find your Yeshiva off-campus housing, you can save literally thousands of dollars in brokers' fees.

As far as location goes for your Yeshiva off-campus housing, your ideal neighborhood will be determined in large measure by the school, and campus, you attend. For those sat the Wilf campus, anywhere from the Upper West Side, through Manhattan Valley and Hamilton Heights, and on past Washington Heights and into Inwood will make for a simple commute to school. The Beren Campus is actually located within one the most reasonably-priced neighborhoods in Manhattan (by Manhattan standards, that is), Murray Hill, but anywhere on the 4, 5, or 6 subway line is worth exploring.  

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