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2 Bedroom
2 Bedroom

Bronxdale Apartments

Considered one of the subsections of the Allerton neighborhood, Bronxdale is a residential community largely composed of apartment complexes. These 6-story tenement buildings are where you'll find the vast majority of Bronxdale apartments.


Given this community's great access to the subway system, it seems fair to say that this is a good choice when looking for affordable NY apartments in the outer boroughs.


From The Bronx To The City

Bronxdale is positioned in the triangle just south of Pelham Parkway and East of the Bronx River Parkway, bordered by the number 5 train tracks and the Esplanade. Lucky for residents, there is a subway station at just all three corners of the neighborhood--from the numbers 5 and 2 trains at Bronx Park East and Pelham Parkway Stations, to just the number 5 at Morris Park Station. And wherever you manage to find your new Bronxdale apartment, you will always be within walking distance to the nearest train.


Around Town In Bronxdale

With this neighborhood's location in the western half of the East Bronx, it is easy to see how close residents are to some of the borough's greatest spaces. Neighboring Bronxdale to the west are both the Bronx Zoo and the New York Botanical Gardens, while just a short trip east on the local Bx12 bus will take you through Pelham Bay Park and its public beach. This bus is easy to catch on Pelham Parkway, and is accessible by foot from just about every building in town.


This community's identical housing stock makes for a fairly simple neighborhood of pre-war, light-shafted buildings, while fewer than five blocks house a completely different face to Bronxdale--with tree-lined blocks of single-family homes. And while  most buildings are occupied by apartments and homes, there are a few local shops in the northern part of town on Lydig Avenue and White Plains Road. Here, you can find several types of ethnic foods, as well as the neighborhood pizza shops and the like. And even though this neighborhood doesn't have the showy display or character of other Bronx places, finding an available Bronxdale apartment should not be a difficult task.

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