Living in the Castle Hill neighborhood of Bronx

Castle Hill Apartments

Castle Hill is situated on the Westchester Creek shoreline, where the Long Island Sound transitions to the East River. The peninsula is called Castle Hill Neck, and with the exception of a waterfront commercial strip, this Bronx neighborhood is almost entirely residential.


Most housing options consist of detached rowhouses and larger, multifamily buildings that dot the neighborhood. A few blocks of NYCHA houses sit near the center of town, while the majority of the community's typical NY apartments remain scattered about. When it comes to affordability, Castle Hill apartments are good options for those who don't mind the commute.


Living in Castle Hill

This neighborhood's southeastern location in the Bronx makes it rather inaccessible for public transportation. Like other nearby neighborhoods such as Harding Park, Hunts Point, and Throgs Neck, the closest trains are situated beyond a walkable distance. Quite a few blocks north of Castle Hill is the number 6 train, servicing the region at the Castle Hill Avenue Station in Parkchester. Although not accessible by foot, this station is only a few minutes away on the local Bx22 bus. But for those who would rather sit comfortably on the ride to Manhattan, a jump on the BxM8 express bus will take passengers to Midtown in as little as 35-40 minutes, depending on time of day and traffic.


There's no doubt that Castle Hill feels like the Bronx--with its high density and traditional rowhouse styles. At the community's southern tip (also the southern-most point Castle Hill Neck) sits Castle Hill Park--an eight acre pocket of land with fishing piers and some of the best views of the area bridges. Also situated near the waterfront is the Bronx YMCA (or Castle Hill YMCA), providing members with several recreational amenities including two swimming pools and various sporting courts and fields. And although it's at a distance from the borough's largest greenspaces, Castle Hill seems to have just about everything one needs for the basic lifestyle. 


As residents know (and most visitors will find), this neighborhood has been a tight-knit community for quite a while, with many families choosing to remain in the area generation after generation. And although Castle Hill apartments are far from the excitement and nightlife of Manhattan, its atmosphere makes for an affordable location to rent.

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