Living in the City Island neighborhood of Bronx

City Island Apartments

City Island is arguably the most remote section of New York City. The neighborhood is an island of itself, surrounded on all sides by the westernmost body of the Long Island Sound. It's clear to see how City Island has developed its own atmosphere--a seaside community unlike any other around town.


As its remote location might suggest, this neighborhood lacks the typical NY apartments that you might find in the mainland section of the Bronx. Instead, any available City Island apartments will most likely be a single-family home rental.


Seaside Lifestyle on City Island

The Island's isolation comes with an obvious drawback--its seaside nature is as far from Midtown as you might guess. And considering its seclusion, it's easy to see how there are only a few options for transportation on and off the island. However, lucky for the Manhattan-bound commuter, the neighborhood has its very own express bus extension through the length of the island. But with only two trips per day (both early morning), it isn't the most convenient way to travel. Rather, driving a car is probably the best choice for getting around.


Originally named Minefer's Island, this section of the Bronx has certainly maintained its quaint, comfortable fishing-village atmosphere. In fact, City Island remains one of New York's most notable and admired seafood havens, and has had a long-standing presence in local fishing history. And with only two roads bisecting the island, it's easy to see why the community's famous restaurants are clustered along the same thoroughfare. For families interested in settling down here, the City Island School (also known as PS 175) offers education through grade 8. High school students, however, will need to drive to the mainland for their classes. 


A Seafood Paradise

Considering City Island's residential nature and relative seclusion, it sure has quite a few attractions. Complementing its seaside nature, City Island is home to the City Island Nautical Museum, which outlines the community's role in New York's early farming and fishing industries. But this region's seafood history continues, as City Island remains the city's main hotspot for quality seafood dishes--especially lobster. If you're interested in moving to a unique neighborhood that seems to be hundred miles from the skyscrapers, then any available City Island apartments are worth the long trip uptown.

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