Living in the Claremont neighborhood of Bronx

Claremont Apartments

Claremont is a mixed-use neighborhood near Crotona Park in the Bronx. Situated to the south of the Cross Bronx Expressway, this section of town has a few residential sections, mingled around its large commercial district and the wedges of public housing.


Most Claremont apartments will be scattered about the neighborhood's edges--especially on the western half. Here, you'll find a few options when it comes to housing stock, such as newly constructed attached rowhouses, as well as several of the commonplace 6-story, pre-war tenement buildings. It's sections of these courtyard complexes (mostly near the Grand Concourse) where most available NY apartments will be found.


Living In Claremont

With the abundance of apartment buildings near the Grand Concourse, tenants are always within walking distance to the subway. Running underneath this vital thoroughfare are the B and D trains, which serve the neighborhood at its western edge. But even more attractive is the fact that Claremont's own 167th St Station is only the second stop beyond Manhattan, providing a quick express trip downtown via the D train.


Lucky for residents of Claremont who enjoy the outdoors--this neighborhood has its own 38-acre park. The aptly named Claremont Park has wonderful hills with stretches of lawn, and even an outdoor public pool. The playgrounds and large spaces makes this park a great spot to enjoy the weekend or have a relaxing picnic.


If you're looking for an place with great subway access and a quick commute to Manhattan, this neighborhood has quite a few large buildings to choose from. For a simple housing option, Claremont apartments deliver on low-rents and large, pre-war layouts.

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