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The neighborhood of Concourse is located in the western section of the South Bronx. Its shape is somewhat of a sliver, and it is the place Yankee Stadium calls home. While Concourse is almost entirely residential, a few major parks lie near the southern end of town, with a few schools sitting to the north.


Understandably, this neighborhood's western border is the Grand Concourse, one of the borough's main thoroughfares and historical boulevard of middle-class apartment houses. In fact, you'll probably find most NY apartments in this section of town on or a block along this major avenue. And while most Concouse apartments are in these various 6-story complexes, several buildings have unique ornamental elements or are fine examples of the once-popular art deco style.


Everything Around Concourse

When it comes to accessibility, Concourse is near the top of the list. With access to four separate trains, it's a quick and simple trip downtown. Stopping near Yankee Stadium is the D and number 4 train, as well as the stadium's own stop on the Metro North Railroad. Either option will provide a quick, half-hour journey into Midtown. Further north are two more train stations--again, serving the D & 4 trains. You've got to remember that Concourse is just across the Harlem River from Manhattan, and that the Yankee Stadium Station is the D train's first stop in the Bronx. That's just about as close to Manhattan as you can get.


Of course there are quite a few restaurants and bars near Yankee Stadium, but most of the neighborhood's shops are located up on E. 167th Street, near the 4 train station. Here, you'll find markets, wine shops, and local restaurants to enjoy. And if you live on the Grand Concourse, everything is just a quick train or bus ride away.


The history of the Grand Concourse has always been an interesting one, and its importance to the Bronx is well displayed at the Trees Museum near E. 166th Street. This local project gives the fascinating perspective of Grand Concourse residents, and what the boulevard and surrounding neighborhoods have worked together to build. So if you're looking for a good-sized, pre-war apartment building with a short commute, then Concourse apartments might just fit your needs.

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