Living in the Foxhurst / East Morrisania / Crotona Park East neighborhood of Bronx

Foxhurst / East Morrisania / Crotona Park East Apartments

Situated in the South Bronx is the neighborhood of Crotona Park East, which is also referred to as East Morrisania or Foxhurst. What was once a fairly run-down area of the City has experienced renewal in the past few decades.


Chunks of turn-of-the-century rowhouses still stand on some of the lots in this area, while others made room for the 5- and 6-story tenements and apartment houses that arrived later. You'll find that most Crotona Park East apartments are in the traditional pre-war style. While there's no doubt this neighborhood is still cleaning up, it remains one of the most affordable areas to rent a NY apartment.


Life in Crotona Park East

Commuting to Manhattan from Crotona Park East is a breeze. The numbers 2 and 5 trains follow Southern Boulevard through town, stopping at Freeman St Station and Simpson St Station in nearby Longwood. During rush hour, these trains come frequently, and can get you to Midtown in as little as 30 minutes.


At the northwest corner of the neighborhood sits Crotona Park, a rather beautiful public park notable for having 28 different species of trees. Also inside is the borough's largest swimming pool, and a swath of walkways that curve through the wonderful greenery. And with Crotona Avenue and Claremont Parkway essentially slicing through the park, you can easily drive through some of the area's finest landscape.


But even with a nice park nearby, this neighborhood isn't for everyone. Yes--there are low rents, but Crotona Park East is still on the upswing. Check it out for yourself and get a feel for it. You'll find that there are quite a few new constructions popping up around town, making it easier to find that inexpensive pad with brighter rooms and newer fixtures. With the rebirth well underway, Crotona Park East apartments are in demand again.

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