Living in the Indian Village neighborhood of Bronx

Indian Village Apartments

Indian Village is a beautiful, small section of the East Bronx filled with brick and tudor-style rowhouses, as well as a handful of single family homes and duplexes.


This narrow neighborhood is scrunched between Morris Park and the Jacobi Medical Center, and is really only composed of a few streets.


You won't find the any typical NY apartments around here. Rather, any type of Indian Village apartment will probably come as a house rental or within one of the many charming tudor townhouses.


Living In Indian Village

Like a few other East Bronx neighborhoods, public transit is a lot more spread out than other parts of the borough--and Indian Village is no exception. Instead, the two closest stations are off the number 5 train in neighboring Bronxwood and at the far end of Morris Park. And while a few rows of townhouses, and certainly the single family homes, all sport driveways. But if you're not driving to work or to the train station, there's always the BxM10 express bus. Although it's twice the fare of the subway, it's a comfortable and direct ride into Manhattan.


This neighborhood's interesting name is easily identifiable by its street names: Seminole Avenue, Pawnee Place, Choctaw Place. All of these streets back onto the medical center, creating a uniform and charming place to live. And even better is its location near Pelham Bay Park. At 2,700 acres, this park is the largest in the City, and hosts a swath of amenities and activities, including the Bronx's only public beach. For a quick ride over, just walk a few blocks north to the Pelham Parkway where the local Bx12 bus will take you straight to, and right through Pelham Bay Park only to turn around at Orchard Beach.


With only a few thru-streets into this section of town, it maintains a pleasantly quiet atmosphere. Though it's somewhat of a small neighborhood, this enclave is unique in its tudor-style buildings, and its full, mature treeline. And just because Indian Village apartments won't be in tenement buildings or above the corner store, this neighborhood is one of the most charming places to find an inexpensive house rental.

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