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Mott Haven Apartments

Mott Haven and North New York are two similar neighborhoods located in the South Bronx.


Most residential buildings in this area consist mainly of tenements, but there are also plenty of inexpensive low-rise apartment buildings around. Mott Haven has several affordable NY apartments for rent, many within walking distance to major transportation.


Living in Mott Haven

The Bronx neighborhood is known for its small historic districts which give a glimpse into the borough's nineteenth century history. The main Mott Haven Historic District can be found on Alexander Avenue, mostly between East 138th & East 141st Streets. These beautiful blocks consist of four and five story rowhouses of Gothic, Queen Anne, and Romanesque architecture. 


This historic district of red-bricked townhouses is only part of the story. Another historic district is the Mott Haven East Historic District, which is located on East 139th & East 140th Streets, between Brook & Willis Avenues. These two blocks are quite distinct, with the familiar red-bricked rowhouses, as well as homes with stone facades and front gardens. 


Residents of Mott Haven apartments have access to plenty of public transportation. The number 6 train can be caught at the Brook Avenue Station, as well as the 3 Av - 138th Street Station, both located along East 138th Street. For commuters living closer to the west side and the Harlem River have the option of hopping on the numbers 4 & 5 trains at the 138th Street - Grand Concourse Station. If you work in Midtown East, it is worth noting that Mott Haven is only three stops from 59th Street & FIfth Avenue on these express trains. 


Residents living in North New York apartments have the option of catching both the numbers 2 & 5 trains at two separate stations near the north end of town. The number 2 train can take commuters down the West Side of Manhattan, if plans call for that.

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