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Unionport Apartments

Located between Parkchester and Castle Hill is the Unionport neighborhood of the Bronx. This community is almost entirely residential, and displays some beautiful rowhouses of eras passed.


Mixed in with yesteryear's buildings are pre-war, multifamily units, housing the typical sort of NY apartments. Unionport is quite affordable for those seeking low-rents and large living areas, and with the large range of building styles, there are probably more than a few Unionport apartments that suit your needs.


Living In Unionport

Just like its southern neighbor, Castle Hill, this community is rather inaccessible when it comes to public transportation. The number 6 train does, however, brush Unionport's northern border, stopping at Parkchester Station at the neighborhood's western end, and at Castle Hill Av Station to the east. But for many residents, the most comfortable option is the express bus, and depending on where you live, chances are that one stops nearby. The BxM6 and BxM8 express buses serve Unionport at different sections of town, both providing about a 45 minute trip into Midtown Manhattan (and with fewer stops than the subway).


About half the buildings in Unionport boast their own driveway (many of them gated), nodding to the aspect of a more car-reliant lifestyle. Although getting to Manhattan might not be an issue, running your daily errands might be. Much of the neighborhood's shops and restaurants are located along Castle Hill Avenue, which runs directly through the center of town, though not all establishments are clustered in one section. Rather, this is where the car (or local Bx22 bus) would come in handy. But however you choose to live, Unionport apartments might be a good accommodation for your budget.

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