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Brighton Beach Apartments

If you're looking for an apartment in a unique, out-of-the-way neighborhood, Brighton Beach may be right for you.


Located at the southern end of Brooklyn, bordered to the west by Ocean Parkway (and Coney Island), to the east by Corbin Place (and Manhattan Beach) to the north by Neptune Avenue (and Gravesend), and to the south by the Atlantic Ocean, Brighton Beach feels even farther away from Manhattan than the nearly 60-minute subway ride would suggest.


Welcome to Little Odessa

Long known as "Little Odessa" for the city in the Ukraine from whence so many Brighton Beach residents have come over the years, this small community features a unusual mixture of detached private homes, well-maintained pre-war apartment buildings, and contemporary luxury condos.  The neighborhood has a distinctively ethnic character, much as, say, Chinatown.


Summer Beaches and Fantastic Food Make Living in Brighton Beach Apartments Easy

Of course, one of the main attractions of Brighton Beach living is the Atlantic Ocean, and the wide, relatively clean sandy beach that gives the neighborhood its name. Unsurprisingly, the beach gets crowded on sunny summer weekends (this IS New York City, after all), but it never gets close to feeling as ridiculously packed as those classic photos of neighboring Coney Island from the 1950s.


Another bonus for Brighton Beach residents--and one of the main reasons the community gets so many visitors--is the food, especially the terrific, low-priced Russian restaurants, cafes and shops on and near Brighton Beach Avenue, such as Skovorodka, Cafe Glechik, Gold Label Deli and the must-see M&I International, with its staggering array of Eastern European specialties, to eat in or take home. Some signs at M&I are printed soley in Cyrillic, and the staff assumes you speak Russian, although English is spoken as well.

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