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East Flatbush / Remsen Village / Rugby Apartments

Brooklyn's East Flatbush accommodates is a series of neighborhoods located in Central Brooklyn. Although most can agree there is no "typical" outer-borough neighborhood, the diverse mix of housing options in this section of Brooklyn makes for an interesting blend of New York's low-rise architecture.


East Flatbush apartments can be found in a swath of sizes and buildings, from multi-family units to single-family homes. The most common NY apartment styles in this region are the rowhouse and the duplex.


Life in East Flatbush & Central Brooklyn

East Flatbush sits on the area once known as Rugby, and although the general name has changed, its inner-villages remain. Sitting on the eastern end is Remsen Village, which is distinguished by a street grid that is slightly tilted. East Flatbush apartments in this section can be found in the mile between Remsen Avenue and E. 98th Street. 3-story brick buildings are what you'll typically find when looking for Remsen Village apartments-- mostly duplexes in detached rowhouses. Many streets in this section are lined with tall, mature trees, while other blocks are a little more barren.


While East Flatbush apartments can be found in a rather large section of Brooklyn, there are only a few options for public transportation. Most subway lines that service this section only run along the Western end of the neighborhood. These two lines, the numbers 2 and 5 Trains run along Nostrand Avenue, yet are only convenient for those living nearby. But for most residents of these Brooklyn apartments, the bus is part of the commute, as most lines stop at major subway stations along both the Nostrand Ave Line (2 & 5 Trains), and the Brighton Line (B & Q Trains).


Life around this part of Brooklyn involves the little shops, restaurants, and bakeries that make it unique. Several cafes have a strong Caribbean flavor, while other food stops have a distinctly local atmosphere. Although East Flatbush isn't the most park-abundant place to move, it is just a quick bus or subway ride away from Brooklyn's most popular greenspace. One of New York's largest and most well-landscaped area is Prospect Park, which sits just to the northwest of the neighborhood. With several open lawns, playgrounds, and BBQ pits, this space is a great spot for Brooklynites to picnic on a sunny, summer weekend. If you're looking for a rather affordable NY apartment in a residential area, the section of East Flatbush is worth a look.

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