Living in the Fulton Ferry neighborhood of Brooklyn

Fulton Ferry Apartments

Fulton Ferry is a small, waterfront community near Downtown Brooklyn. Like DUMBO, its neighbor to the east, this enclave is located under a bridge overpass--without the acronym. But finding an apartment under the Brooklyn Bridge is, understandably, quite difficult.


With a similar housing market as DUMBO, RAMBO, and Vinegar Hill, most Fulton Ferry apartments are located in new luxury towers, or in converted warehouses--many providing spectacular views of the Lower Manhattan skyline. When neighborhoods such as these shift away their commercial uses, many converted buildings transform into large, luxury lofts with oversized windows--some of the neighborhood's most desirable aspects.


The name of this neighborhood gets its origin from the East River Ferry slip that was once the major transportation service for commuters living in Brooklyn. The widely popular ferry service went into decline with the introduction of both the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, yet the area's name stuck. Today, Fulton Ferry encompasses everything north of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway and west of Main Street, and is the home to the new Brooklyn Bridge Park at the waterfront.


Living Under the Bridge in Fulton Ferry

Considering Fulton Ferry's proximity to the East River, residents of these NY apartments have rather few options when it comes to commuting into Manhattan. Unless you plan to ride your bike over one of the two bridges, the most convenient option for transportation is the subway. But residents of this secluded neighborhood must venture down to Brooklyn Heights or across to DUMBO to access the closest subway lines. From the center of Fulton Ferry, the nearest two stations are High Street to the south (served by the A & C trains) and York Street to the southeast (served by the F train)--about six and ten minute walks, respectively.


But having the unique, industrial character and stunning views comes with some tradeoffs--one being the sparsity of nightlife and cuisine. But walk a few blocks south and you are in the charming, historic community of Brooklyn Heights, with several highly rated restaurants and the Promenade. And just a few steps east is the cultured DUMBO neighborhood, with one of the New York's most significant art scenes.

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