Living in the Gerritsen Beach neighborhood of Brooklyn

Gerritsen Beach Apartments

Gerritsen Beach is a community on the western side of Marine Park, separated from Sheepshead Bay by the Plumb Beach Channel. This unique neighborhood of Southeastern Brooklyn has some of the most narrow streets in the borough, and most NY apartments in the area are situated in modest-sized homes with small lawns or front-porches.


Every street in the neighborhood terminates at the waterfront, where several docks are lined with small, leisure boats.


Gerristen Beach apartments can be found in two different sections of town, split by the the canal that slices the area in half. The district north of the canal is known as the "new" section, while the southern part is the "old" section. Despite the difference in names, both halves of town are almost identical in style--both offering beach-side homes on small lots, with quick access to docked boats and the waterfront.


Oceanside Living in Gerritsen Beach

The peninsular nature of Gerritsen Beach really disconnects it from the rest of Brooklyn. But virtually all residents are a direct shot to Gerritsen Avenue at the east. This commercial boulevard separates the neighborhood with Marine Park, a 798-acre greenspace where open land and salt marshes are met with sports fields, running paths, and playgrounds. And Gerritsen Avenue itself is where many of the neighborhood's bars, schools, restaurants, and library meet, and down by the marinas are other options for cuisine, many serving up their specialty in seafood.


Gerritsen Beach's oceanside lifestyle comes at the understandable cost of living in one of the furthest corners of Brooklyn. And unless you plan to take a car to work, there only a few options to get you into the city. Many residents choose to hop on a the BM4 express bus, for about a fifty-five minute trip into Midtown, while others take the B31 local bus to the Kings Highway Station to catch the B & Q trains.


At the southern end of Gerritsen Beach is called "The Point", and is the beginning of the sandy coast that lines Marine Park up until the marshes take over. The adjacent trails are often used for hiking and riding quad, off-road vehicles. The unique neighborhood character and seaside atmosphere makes this one of Brooklyn's most interesting communities.

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