Living in the Homecrest & Madison neighborhood of Brooklyn

Homecrest & Madison Apartments

There are two rather small neighborhoods that sit near the southern end of Brooklyn. Taken together, the sections of Homecrest and Madison can be lost in the expanses of Midwood.


Although placed together in this article, Homecrest and Madison have very separate atmospheres. While much of Madison is stocked with single-family, bungalow-style homes, the Homecrest neighborhood is more diverse in its selection. Homecrest apartments tend to be caught in a mix of rowhouses and multiple-dwelling units, with a few rentals scattered in single-family homes.


Life in Homecrest & Madison

The distant location of these two neighborhoods is somewhat of a disadvantage if you happen to work in Manhattan. However, The Homecrest neighborhood is bisected by the Brighton Line's rails, which serves the area with the B & Q trains. Although the neighborhood enjoys access to three separate stations, the commute into the city is about an hour each way. Although distant, this neighborhood is not isolated--and if the subway can't take you where you need to be, the bus system will certainly point you in the right direction.


While Homecrest seems to be the place to snag a typical NY apartment, Madison is a neighborhood with more of a suburban feel. In fact, bordering the James Madison High School campus are a few blocks of large, and stately homes. Although this area is highly residential, there are several commercial strips nearby, including shops along Avenue U and Kings Highway. As with Midwood, living in Homecrest or Madison apartments will bring you a whole array of flavors and cross-culture cuisine. But if you're looking for more than a dinner--maybe a night on the town--it will probably require you to venture out of the area.

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