Living in the Lefferts Manor neighborhood of Brooklyn

Leffers Manor Apartments

One of Brooklyn's most unique and exclusive villages sits within the larger neighborhood of Prospect Lefferts Gardens. This particularly charming pocket is called Lefferts Manor, most of which is encompassed by the historic district of the same name.


The NY apartments in this small section are mostly old and beautiful rowhouses, propped by a stoop. In an entirely low-rise district, most of these small buildings each sport a unique detail or style that sets it apart from the rest. The tree-lined streets and quiet atmosphere make Lefferts Manor apartments truly desirable.


Life Near The Park in Historic Lefferts Manor

The Lefferts Manor Historic District sits just to the east of Prospect Park, inside the borders of Prospect Lefferts Gardens. Its bordered by Lincoln Road and Fenimore Street to the north and south, with Rogers and Flatbush Avenues to the east and west, respectively. Most of the homes in this neighborhood were established during the residential development boom at the turn of the twentieth century, a project by James Lefferts, for whom the section is named.


Although there are no subway stations directly within the borders of the historic district, there are four stations at each corner of the neighborhood. To the west sits the Brighton Line, servicing Lefferts Manor residents with the B & Q trains. Also nearby is the Nostrand Avenue Line, servicing the east end with the numbers 2 & 5 trains.


This residential neighborhood has a fairly central location, and tends to meet the local needs of the community. Most of the shops run along the retail storefronts of Flatbush Avenue. Almost every errand can be accomplished along this commercial stretch, providing shops, salons, laundromats, and eateries. Flavors from India, Italy, and the Caribbean blend to create a lively locale on Flatbush, just steps from any Lefferts Manor apartment.


The charming rowhouses are comfortably set back from the curb, accommodating the neighborhood's residential feel. Although the trip into Manhattan is more or less a 30-45 minute commute, the area's backyard feel is well accompanied by the nearby parkspace. At 585 acres, Prospect Park is a neighborhood amenity that keeps on giving. Its expansive lawns and luscious landscaping make for an easy outdoor escape, just a few blocks from Lefferts Manor.

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