Living in the Manhattan Beach neighborhood of Brooklyn

Manhattan Beach Apartments

Manhattan Beach is a beautiful village on the southern shores of Brooklyn. Although situated on the eastern end of Coney Island, this neighborhood seems miles from the boardwalk, and where charming NY apartments sit on quiet, tree-lined blocks.


Although several sections of this oceanside community are made up of stately single-family homes, most Manhattan Beach apartments can be found in low-rise buildings and duplexes. 


Residents of Manhattan Beach live an oceanside lifestyle similar to Coney Island's western gated-community, Sea Gate, and the oceanside towns of Nassau County. It's common to see well-maintained front yards and gardens in this village, and the foliage is a spectacle year-round.


Oceanside Lifestyle in Manhattan Beach

This neighborhood is home to Kingsborough Community College, with a 71-acre campus on the eastern peninsula. Also sitting on the waterfront is Manhattan Beach Park, where the large sandy beach attracts visitors throughout the summer. This cove is a great spot for residents of Manhattan Beach apartments to cool off on a hot day, with just a quick trip down Oriental Boulevard on a bus or by foot. Although Manhattan Beach doesn't have any train access itself, it's thin layout makes it easy to walk from one end to the other.


For commuters living in this corner of Brooklyn, the subway can be accessed in Brighton Beach to the west. And if you don't own a car, a jump on the local B1 bus at Oriental Boulevard is an easy way to get to the B and Q lines at Brighton Beach Station. But this is a neighborhood with plenty of garages, and unlike the tight, rowhouse blocks elsewhere in Brooklyn, many residents in Manhattan Beach own cars.

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