Living in the New Utrecht neighborhood of Brooklyn

New Utrecht Apartments

New Utrecht is a neighborhood in Southwestern Brooklyn, mostly situated within the section of Bensonhurst. Its history dates back to the middle of the 17th-century when Brooklyn was a group of six individual towns. New Utrecht was one of these, and in that day, was in the thicket of Brooklyn's wilderness.


Now, you can find several New Utrecht apartments spilling into the vague borders of today's Borough Park and Bay Ridge. If you're looking for NY apartments without breaking the bank, you might want to consider this simple Brooklyn community.


Much of the housing stock in the area is limited to brick rowhouses, both attached and detached. Yet many of these blocks are broken up by small, single-family homes, duplexes, and low-rise, multifamily brick buildings. Whatever your lifestyle, there are probably more than a few New Utrecht apartments to suit your needs.


Living in New Utrecht

The community's two main thoroughfares are 86th Street and 18th Avenue, both of which serve residents with a slew of conveniences and attractions. Italian food has a strong hold in this area, with pizza shops and Italian bakeries just a few blocks from each other. But don't feel like the food here is limited to spaghetti and cannoli, as there are plenty of other great local places in the realm of bagels, asian fusion, and middle eastern cuisine.


Residents of New Utrecht apartments might find their morning commute a bit daunting, but the subway ride to Midtown Manhattan should take no longer than fifty minutes. In fact, compared with a few other Southern Brooklyn neighborhoods, there are quite a few local train stations dotting the area. The D train follows New Utrecht Avenue, and makes a turn east down 86th Street, serving the area with three local stations. Commuters will find it relatively easy to walk to one of these three stations: 79th Street; 18th Avenue; and 20th Avenue.

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