Living in the RAMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn

RAMBO Apartments

RAMBO is a Brooklyn neighborhood standing for "RIght After the Manhattan Bridge Overpass", and as it states, is situated just to the southeast of the Manhattan Bridge.


This pocket of Downtown Brooklyn was originally a section of Vinegar Hill, but the construction of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway effectively isolated this neighborhood from its larger counterpart during the 1950s.


Known as "Bridge Plaza" by some, RAMBO is bordered to the west by Flatbush Avenue (and the onramp to the Manhattan Bridge), Tillary Street to the south, and the BQE to the east. 


Townhouses and warehouses still stand in the neighborhood, but  in the past few years, RAMBO has seen a few new developments dot the area. If you are lucky enough to snag one of the few RAMBO apartments, you will be moving to one of seven, seemingly exclusive blocks in this tiny pocket of Brooklyn.


Life in RAMBO

RAMBO remains such a small area that many New Yorkers don't even know it exists, even while being surrounded by some of Brooklyn's most bustling neighborhoods. Vinegar Hill is located to the north of RAMBO, Fort Greene to the south and east, Downtown Brooklyn and Borough Hall to the west, with the similarly small section of DUMBO to the northwest. This neighborhood is only a few steps from both the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges' pedestrian pathways, creating a heaven for the New Yorker who prefers to walk to work (if their destination is the Lower Manhattan's Financial District).


Few commercial areas exist in RAMBO, yet there are some local establishments along its borders. The small size of this rhombus-shaped neighborhood, combined with some beautiful (and historic) townhouses, only augment the demand for RAMBO apartments, and add to its exclusivity.

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