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Sheepshead Bay Apartments

Sheepshead Bay is a neighborhood in Southern Brooklyn, with with twenty blocks of waterfront on its southern side. The bay, for which the community is named, separates the Brooklyn mainland from Manhattan Beach (on Coney Island) to the south.


Sheepshead Bay apartments can be found in a variety of housing styles such as low-rise apartment buildings, duplexes, and rowhouses. Several blocks of this residential community have slim, single-family homes, and most buildings either have driveways or garages.


Considering its large size, this neighborhood has only a few options when it comes to public transportation. Most commuters living in Sheepshead Bay apartments either drive their car into the city or get rides to the subway via a car or bus. Running along the eastern side of the neighborhood are the B and Q subway lines,  which can be accessed from four stations.


Waterfront Community of Sheepshead Bay

Emmons Avenue lies parallel to the waterfront, at the southern end of the neighborhood. Home to the promenade and marina, this avenue has NY apartments with some stunning views of the water and a strip of great eateries. But if you're looking for the neighborhood's main street, you'll find it just to the north, on Sheepshead Bay Road.


This neighborhood got its name from the abundance of sheepshead fish that once swam in the bay, and the neighborhood had a thriving fishing district. Although the sheepshead don't swim in numbers quite as large as they used to, the seafood culture is still alive. Most of the highly regarded restaurants along Sheepshead Bay Road are sushi bars or places known for serving clams.


Although the seafood industry doesn't reign like the nineteenth century, residents of Sheepshead Bay have maintained an attachment to their waterfront. When a walk along the promenade is not exciting enough, some residents take day trips on boats for fishing or evening cruises for dancing under the moonlight. 

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