Living in the Stuyvesant Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn

Some of the most beautifully preserved brownstones and grand old residential buildings stand in the historic district of Stuyvesant Heights. It’s a small elegant community within the larger neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant.


Located in central Brooklyn, Stuyvesant Heights (and Bedford-Stuyvesant's even smaller sub-communities of Ocean Hill and Weeksville) is bordered, roughly, to the north by Flushing Avenue (and Williamsburg), to the east by Van Sinderen Avenue (and East New York); to the south by Fulton Street and Park Place (and Crown Heights); and to the west by Tompkins and Brooklyn Avenues (and Bedford). Its exact borders vary, depending on who you talk to, with residents just outside the official historic district (itself with jagged borders) often claiming to be part of the neighborhood.


The handsome brownstones and apartment buildings within the area, is (officially-designated historic district), which encompasses about a five-block area, have been mostly untouched since they were first constructed in the late 1800s. This is an ethnically and culturally diverse neighborhood, filled with homeowners and active block associations, where kids play on the sidewalks and in the quiet streets, and people get to know their neighbors.


Although many of its residents are from families that have lived there for generations, Stuyvesant Heights itself is going through a bit of a revitalization period, as a new influx of young professionals and families are being followed by increased services, restaurants, cafes and shopping.  


There are no parks in Stuyvesant Heights, but several playgrounds get well used by the many kids who live in the neighborhood. Commuters into Manhattan have their choice of the A, C, J, and Z subway trains.

The brownstones and row houses that dominate the housing stock in the vicinity are generally three- or four-stories high, and are single family homes. Some have been converted--and just as often with the original detailing left intact--into two- to four-family homes. While many of those are owner-occupied as well, rentals can be found from time-to-time.


Because of the exclusivity of the neighborhood, the stable population, and the lack of rentals compared to most NYC neighborhoods, the rent for apartments in the area are higher than in the surrounding Bedford-Stuyvensant neighborhood. But if you can find one, living in this beautiful Brooklyn enclave can be a treat.

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