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Living in Northern New Jersey

Northern New Jersey rental apartments are, for many people, an increasingly attractive alternative to moving to, or living in, Manhattan. In fact, apartments for rent in Northern New Jersey--especially in the "Gold Coast" area of Bergen County and Hudson County--have become ever more appealing for a wide variety of apartment hunters.

From families looking for more space for their money than most of New York City can provide, to young professionals who enjoy the energy, the quality of life, as well as the convenient commute to Manhattan from places like Jersey City and Hoboken, many find that living across the Hudson River not much different than living across the East River.

Rental apartments in Northern New Jersey are available in all sorts of buildings as well, such as contemporary high-rise luxury rental buildings to brownstones and row houses to garden apartments to attached and detached, single- and multi-family houses.  

Many residents in the waterfront communities take a ferry to Manhattan.  There are numerous ferry terminals up and down the Hudson River that take commuters to locations in midtown and downtown NYC.  From there they can walk, take free shuttle buses or a cab to their final destination.


Jersey City and Hoboken

Apartments  in New Jersey's Hudson County and Bergen County are squarely within the region known as the New York Metropolitan area or, more commonly, the Tri-State area. Hudson County includes rental apartments in cities, towns and townships such as Jersey City, Weehawken, Hoboken, Bayonne, Union City, and Secaucus, each of which has its own character and appeal.

Apartments for rent in Hoboken, for example, often feel like they're located in a sort of "sixth borough" of Manhattan, both because of their proximity to the city--and ease of commute, especially to the downtown part of Manhattan, via the PATH train--as well as the suburbia-meets-Brooklyn feel to the neighborhood, with its music clubs, bars and solid neighborhood restaurants on Washington Street.

Jersey City also offers Northern New Jersey residents ready access to the PATH train, and competes with Hoboken for the honorary title of NYC's "sixth borough." There are many distinct neighborhoods in Jersey City (it is New Jersey's second largest city), and housing ranges from luxury buildings on par with buildings in Manhattan, as well as inexpensive housing in less trendy neighborhoods.

The waterfront area is characterized by office buildings and high-rise apartment buildings. The historic downtown area has a mix of traditional brownstones, new townhomes and garden apartment complexes, and highrise luxury buildings. As you go further inland, there are neighborhoods filled with classic pre-war apartment buildings, as well as areas dominated by single family homes.

The recently re-developed waterfront in both Hoboken and Jersey City, after years of neglect, offer residents of many Jersey City and Hoboken apartments something you can't get in Manhattan: spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline.


Bergen County Towns and Cities

Bergen County rental apartments, in contrast to those found in many Hudson County cities and towns, are often in quiet, leafy suburban communities, in places such as Englewood, Upper Saddle River, Moonachie, Fort Lee, and Ridgewood, and where garden apartments and townhouses share space with grand private homes on mid- to large-sized lots.

Many Bergen residents who commute into New York City take their own private cars, often across the George Washington Bridge. New Jersey Transit buses also make the same run across the water, with connections to subway lines in the city.  Many who live along the waterfront walk to one of the ferry terminals. Those who live further away may park their cars in the available lots and avoid the tunnels and bridges by also riding the ferry to Manhattan.


Did You Know?

One oddity for residents of Bergen County rental apartments: the entire area is covered by one of the last remaining so-called "blue laws" in all of the United States, meaning that on Sundays virtually all stores (except those selling food) are closed everywhere within the county lines.

Bergen County is also the site of a bit of a geographic oddity: the steep cliffs of the New Jersey Palisades overlooking the Hudson River. Much of the Palisades have been preserved from development, and were declared a National Natural Landmark in 1983. Although the Palisades originate in Jersey City, and stretch north 20 miles to Nyack, New York, it is the section from the George Washington Bridge in Bergen County and heading north that has been preserved.  Sweeping views of the Palisades can be found along upper Manhattan and The Bronx.


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