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Living in Staten Island

Staten Island rental apartments can be found in all sorts of building types, from high-rise brick apartment complexes to contemporary mid-rise residential buildings to attached and detached multi-family houses. It is also, without question, the most suburban of the New York City boroughs.

Staten Island apartments tend to be clustered on the North Shore of the island, especially in the more immediately recognizably urban neighborhoods of St. George, Tompkinsville, Clifton and Stapleton. 

Given the suburban, even small-town nature of many of the borough's South Shore communities, it's no surprise that there are few apartments for rent in these neighborhoods, such as Castleton Corners, Oakwood, and Prince's Bay. The rentals that do exist tend to be within attached row houses, semi-attached houses, or even stand-alone homes on small to moderate sized lots.


Staten Island Quality of Life & Transportation

Prices of rental apartments in Staten Island tend to be considerably lower (and the apartments themselves, considerably larger) than their counterparts in Manhattan, as well as most of Brooklyn and Queens, but this has more to do with distance and relative inaccessibility than with quality of life. In fact residents of Staten Island make the case that a genuine neighborly feel exists in many communities in this borough, initially sprouted and continuously cultivated by both the physical and psychological separation from the rest of New York City.

This separation of Staten Island rental apartments from, most notably, Brooklyn and Manhattan, can in large measure be attributed to the simple fact that no subways run to Staten Island. The only way of getting from the island to the rest of New York City is either by car over the Verrazano Narrows Bridge—an engineering marvel that, at the time of its completion in 1964, was the longest suspension bridge on the planet—or by the Staten Island Ferry.

The world famous Staten Island Ferry, which is completely free, carries more than 20 million passengers a year, runs 24 hours a day, and takes about 25 minutes to get from the St. George Ferry Terminal to South Ferry in southernmost Manhattan, near Battery Park and a quick walk to anywhere in the Financial District. You can also transfer to several subway lines nearby.

Staten Island apartments with easy access to the Ferry are located within the most urban communities in the boroughs, especially those within walking distance in the neighborhood of St. George or next-door Tompkinsville, or by bus, or by the Staten Island Railway, an above-ground railway that runs the length of the island.

There are several vehicular bridges connecting residents of rental apartments in Staten Island to New Jersey (most notably the Bayonne Bridge), and, in fact, many New Jersey residents use the Staten Island Expressway as a through way to get from their state to Brooklyn and beyond. 


Did You Know?

Staten Island is by far the least populated borough in New York City, trailing Brooklyn (by more than 2 million people!), Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx, but it is the third largest borough in terms of land area.


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