Living in the Hudson Square neighborhood of Manhattan

One of the newest neighborhoods to find NY apartments is Hudson Square, a recently residentially-developed area that is bordered by Houston and Canal Streets, and between Greenwich Street and Sixth Avenue.


Residents of Hudson Square have the West Village immediately to the north, SoHo to the east, TriBeCa to the south, and the promenade of Hudson River Park to the west. And with neighbors like that, it's no wonder that Hudson Square apartments are hot properties these days.   


The market here may be booming as of late, but it has no doubt kept its creative character. Since the late 1800s, the area has been one of New York City's most vibrant centers of graphic arts and printing companies, and today, the trend toward design and the arts continues, with plenty of new theaters, advertising firms, media companies, filmmakers and videographers moving into the large open spaces in these beautiful old buildings.


Other pieces of history can be found in Hudson Square too, along the narrow, sometimes cobblestoned streets, including the SoHo Playhouse (once home to a Tammany Hall club) and the Ear Inn, one of the oldest bars in all of New York City, opened in 1817 by one of George Washington's aides.      


In addition to the development of new Hudson Square residential buildings and the reconditioning of old plants into fabulous, spacious Hudson Square apartments, the Hudson Square neighborhood has also, to no surprise, attracted a number of well-respected restaurant and nightlife options in recent years. Nearby destinations include the original Jacques Torres ChocolateBlue Ribbon SushiDylan PrimeEN Japanese Brasserie and Giorgione. Not to mention the always-hot SOB's, where you can dance to Sounds of Brazil deep into the night.

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