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Manhattan's Koreatown, generally considered to be located between 31st and 36th Streets, and including Fifth and Sixth Avenue going from east to west, is known more for its commercial properties than residential buildings—in fact, according to one study a few years ago, the area had more restaurants than residents.  


Recent construction in the neighborhood has increased the full-time population considerably, and there are many new available Koreatown apartments. Still, the heart of K-town, as it's often called, is the riot of round-the-clock salons and spas, karaoke clubs and BBQ restaurants on 32nd Street between Fifth Avenue and Broadway, a stretch of midtown officially known as Korea Way. This community is a unique, interesting, and convenient enclave to find your next NY apartment.


K-town is home to so many restaurants it can seem overwhelming, but any list of the acknowledged best would include the elegant Kumgangsan, a huge two-story food palace with live music and one the longest menus you'll ever see. Other popular establishments include the elder statesman Kom Tang Kal Bi, founded in 1979 and open 24 hours a day, its tabletop grills go all night long.  The trendy Shanghai Mong, serves a mixture of Korean and Chinese classics.


The Koreatown neighborhood in Manhattan boasts plenty of karaoke "noraebangs", where you and your friends can rent out your own room by the hour, complete with all karaoke equipment and, of course, plenty of cocktails. You'll also find a number of 24-hour spas, including Juvenex, with its legendary full-body exfoliations and "hot igloo." And for a unique perspective on the most famous neighbor of the this community, the Empire State Building. Or grab a seat this summer at Mé Bar, a rooftop party place atop the La Quinta Hotel.

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