Living in the Stuyvesant Town / Peter Cooper Village neighborhood of Manhattan

A NY apartment in the residential communities of Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village puts you in an urban oasis that is a world in itself.


Within an 80-acre park, Stuyvesant Town apartments can be found between 14th and 23rd Streets, and First Avenue and Avenue C. Both Stuyvestant Town and Peter Cooper Village are iconic post-war planned communities that offer the unusual combination of city living and a close-knit community right outside their doors.


Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village were designed to be “towers in a park” when first constructed in the post-war building boom.  Based loosely on the "Radiant City" design of LeCourbusier, these buildings represented a new concept for Manhattan, in that they were not part of a street grid, and their main entrances faced inward, toward the parks, rather than outward, onto the street.


More than half of the land was designated for lawn, trees, playgrounds, benches, and the Stuy Town Oval fountain. This mega-project was so successful that many families have remained long enough to see their grown children return with their own families to live here.


Those who find apartments here also have access to on-site day care and security. The community's Oval Film Theater is a place for residents to enjoy a film and Oval Fitness provides a recreational center for all levels of exercise. These villages also hold a seasonal Greenmarket on premises every Sunday from June to November, and also provide a private shuttle to subways.


Also offered is a multitude of playgrounds and recreation areas, summer outdoor concerts, and many, many other events scheduled throughout the year. Walking through the Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village neighborhood, you might find yourself stopping to watch a chess competition, a paddle tennis tournament or a pick-up basketball game. And for ardent bikers and runners there are paths nearby at Stuyvesant Cove Park.


Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village apartments are also within walking distance of several of New York City's best neighborhoods for eating and entertainment, with the East Village to south, and the Union Square and Flatiron districts to the west. Those who rent apartments here find that the eclectic mix of people of all ages and family structures living in these communities make Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village unique places to call home.

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