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Turtle Bay apartments can be found all up and down the quiet, tree-lined streets that make this neighborhood one of the most desirable for a certain kind of New York City resident. Beginning just above Tudor City and adjacent to Midtown East, Turtle Bay stands between 43rd and 53rd Streets running south to north, and from Lexington Avenue to the East River going west to east.

The United Nations-- a building which rises above the eastern edge of the Turtle Bay neighborhood--and, because of the beautiful Dag Hammarskjold Plaza Park, give the area an inordinate amount of light and air. Employees of the United Nations are obviously drawn to Turtle Bay apartments for their convenience.


With the corporate towers of Midtown just a few blocks away, there are plenty of Turtle Bay walk-to-work-ers heading in that direction as well. But there are also plenty of Turtle Bay residents who live in these elegant brownstones, art-deco landmarks, and contemporary high-rises simply because they enjoy the relative peace of the Turtle Bay neighborhood.  


In addition to the Dag Hammarskjold Plaza Park and the UN Building itself, Turtle Bay also has several other "heights and sights" worth mentioning, including what many consider to be one of the most lovely structures in all of the city, the Chrysler Building, affording some lucky Turtle Bay residents magnificent views of this art-deco masterpiece.


And then there's the legendary Turtle Bay Gardens, secreted away within a cluster of townhouses that has been the home of much literary, entertainment and journalistic royalty,  including Walter Cronkite, Katherine Hepburn, John Steinbeck, Kurt Vonnegut, and Johnny Carson. There are plenty of good, and, in the case of Sushi Yasuda, even great, neighborhood restaurants and bars in the area, but most residents of Turtle Bay apartments leave their leafy enclave for the more bustling culture and nightlife elsewhere in New York City.

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