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The West Village is full of quiet, winding, leafy streets lined with charming townhouses and eloquent brownstones. This neighborhood has it all, from great public schools, to adorable boutiques and fabulous restaurants. Numerous celebrities live in this neighborhood, and enjoy these rustic and beautiful streets.

Due to a strict height restriction on buildings in the area, development has been limited in this area. This separates the west village from other neighborhood because of its inability to be "built up" regardless of the high demand wanting to live there. This also explains the added price of living here. On the other hand this restriction is what also reserves the historic brownstones and smaller apartment buildings, and maintains the historic and unique character of the neighborhood.

The revere for this architecture and all around ambiance of the area is known and respected by most. Regardless of inevitable development many of these developers would scarcely build a structure that did not complement its landscape in the Western Village. This is exemplified most forcibly by Richard Meier's superb glass-walled Perry Street towers. But also found in less-hyped projects in the area, such as the mid-rise Horatio House, and the conversion of the historic Greenwich building on 7thAvenue into handsome lofts.


Though sometimes included under the broader Greenwich Village rubric (they are two distinct neighborhoods), neighborhood boundaries runs east to west from Sixth Avenue to West Street, and in bounded on the north by 14th Street, and to the south by Houston Street (with some overlap into the newly-named Hudson Square area in the southwest).


Although the thoroughness of the West Village's boundaries is up for debate, all New Yorkers agree that this is one of the most-desirable neighborhoods in town. It's high quality of life, enviable number of outstanding local dining and shopping options, and deep sense of pride doesn't go unnoticed. As much as residents of the West Side love living there, they also feel equally as strong to contributing in maintaining their historic community.

The history of the area has been colorful, and enormously impactful on the city as a whole, not to mention is critical to understanding the neighborhood today. Because it's been a while since the West Village was s bohemian as it was in the days of the artists and avant-gardes of the early 20th century, or the beatniks and folkies of the 1950s and '60s, or the hippies of the '60s and '70s. Not to mention the men who stood up for themselves at the Stonewall Inn in 1969 and ignited the nationwide gay liberation movement, the community to this day remains fiercely tolerant and unabashedly liberal.

If you want to live in a downtown NY apartment that's surrounded by first-rate local restaurants, off Broadway theaters and small jazz venues, the West Village is the place to be. Just a very few of our favorites would include the always-packed, always-delicious gastro pub Spotted Pig, the Little Owl, home of the city's best pork chop, Bar Pitti, A great place to get terrific Italian food at a third of what they charge next door at Da Silvano; Blue Hill and its fabulously fresh haute-barnyard cuisine; and Soto, on an unlovely stretch of Sixth Avenue that nonetheless delivers amazing Japanese dishes, both cooked and raw.


Other neighborhood landmarks include the White Horse Tavern, where literary legends such as Dylan Thomas, Jack Kerouac, Norman Mailer and James Baldwin  have all over-indulged; the beautiful Cherry, New York City's oldest continually-running off-Broadway theater; and the internationally-known Village Vanguard, where jazz greats still play hot and cool, deep into the night.

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