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Jersey City: The Heights Apartments

Jersey City Heights, often simply called The Heights, is a pleasant, somewhat densely packed residential neighborhood in the northern section of Jersey City, which in turn is the second largest city in the state of New Jersey.


Jersey City Heights apartments can be most often found in the two- and three-family detached houses which sit on small lots and which dominate the housing stock here, or in the low-rise apartment buildings that also are a considerable presence in the neighborhood. There are also more than a few stately old Victorian and Edwardian houses scattered throughout the streets of the Heights with rental apartments within, especially on Sherman Place and Summit Avenue.


Rental apartments in The Heights are generally considered to be located in the area that's bordered to the south by the Bergen Arches rail tracks (now abandoned) and The Divided Highway (also known as the Pulaski Skyway, or Route 139); to the east by Palisade Avenue (and the city of Hoboken); to the north by Patterson Plank Road (and Union City); and to the west by John F. Kennedy Boulevard and Nelson Avenue (and the community of Croxton, and the Meadowlands).


Living in The Heights of Jersey City

Jersey City Heights is named, somewhat obviously, for its elevation atop the Palisades, a 20-mile stretch of steep cliffs on the banks of the Hudson River.  Because Jersey City Heights apartments stand at the peak of the hills, many area of the neighborhood enjoy fairly spectacular views down over and out onto Hoboken, and the Hudson, and the New York City Midtown and Upper West Side skyline across the water.


Residents of Jersey City Heights apartments have several public transportation options available for commuting to work within Jersey City, or Hoboken, or Manhattan, including the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail (which will get you to PATH stations) and New Jersey Transit buses, which travel as far as New York City's Port Authority in Times Square, or to points throught NJ.


Jersey City Heights Parks

There are number of small parks in the Heights, including, in the popular Western Slope area, the Leonard Gordon Park (also known, a bit unfortunately, as "Mosquito Park"), which is home to Solon Hannibal Borglum's oversized Buffalo and Bears sculpture (fun fact: Solon's brother Gutzon sculpted Mount Rushmore). Riverview/Fisk Park is on the top of the cliffs, and has panoramic views of the NYC skyline.


Washington Park is a sports lovers dream, with Little League fields, several basketball courts, nine tennis courts and more. Plans are underway for a multi-purpose field with an artificial surface for soccer and football.


Pershing Field has a running track, playing fields and ball courts, and a semi-Olympic size swimming pool that turns into a skating rink in the winter. Also in the Heights you'll find the Jersey City Reservoir, with its free kayaking days. There is plenty of shopping options and local restaurants for Jersey City Heights apartment residents, with much of the commercial activity on and around the aptly named Central Avenue.

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