Living in the Jersey City--Pavonia-Newport/Harsimus Cove neighborhood of Northern New Jersey

Selected No Fee Apartments in Jersey City--Pavonia-Newport/Harsimus Cove

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2 Bedroom
2 Bedroom
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1 Bedroom
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Jersey City has been undergoing a renaissance for over a decade, and the latest sign of that is The Beacon, a luxury rental complex just opening in a series of landmarked art deco buildings in the historic Bergen-Lafayette neighborhood. It is one of the largest examples of adaptive reuse in the area, with it's conversion to brand new apartments with condo level finishes.

Pavonia-Newport Apartments

Pavonia-Newport apartments, are located either within or right next door to Downtown Jersey City, New Jersey's second largest city behind Newark, and the site of an extraordinary renaissance and redevelopment in the past couple of decades. The neighborhood of Pavonia-Newport is a terrific example of successful redevelopment, in this case of Jersey City's once-industrial, then long-neglected, waterfront area.


Apartments in the neighborhood are most commonly found within a so-called master-planned mixed-use community, with gleaming new retail, residential, office and entertainment buildings all right on the banks of the Hudson River, and featuring spectacular views Lower Manhattan, right across the water, about one mile away.


Pavonia-Newport is a roughly 600-acre community in the northern section of Jersey City, bounded to the south by the neighborhoods of Paulus Hook and Exchange Place, to the east by the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway, to the north by Hoboken, and the west by Marin Boulevard and the Harsimus Cove and Historic Downtown area. Apartments are most often available in one of the neighborhood's nine high-rise luxury buildings, with all of the services and amenities you'd expect, plus matchless views of the water and the Manhattan skyline.


Living in Pavonia Newport

For residents of Pavonia-Newport who commute to work, the mass transit options are numerous and easily accessible. Popular choices for those who work in Jersey City and beyond include the Hudson Bergen Light Rail, with a stop in Newport, or the many municipal bus lines. Commuters to Manhattan from Pavonia-Newport tend to take the PATH train from the Newport stop, though some opt to drive via the easily accessible Holland Tunnel. Another option is a ride on the ferry, which offers terrific views of Manhattan, and a relaxing ride on your way into the city. 


The Newport River Market and the Newport Centre Mall provide ample shopping, and there are plenty of restaurants and cafes on site as well. In recent years, big box stores such as Target and Home Depot have opened. Sometimes considered a separate neighborhood is the Powerhouse Arts District, which takes its name from a currently unused generating station, formerly used for a now defunct railroad. The building is currently undergoing stabilization, with plans to turn it into an arts center. The neighborhood itself is home to several landmarked warehouses, some of which have been converted to housing, particularly lofts for artists.

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