Living in the South Orange neighborhood of Northern New Jersey

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South Orange Apartments

As part of the "Oranges", South Orange is located to the northeast of Newark, in Essex County. This is a charming and affluent community with a suburban atmosphere and a hilly landscape.


Located just east of South Mountain Reservation, South Orange maintains a quaint feel, with its leafy streets and beautiful homes. Although most of this suburban neighborhood has single-family homes, there are plenty of NJ apartments available.


Living in South Orange

This town has a unique feel and character that residents stride to maintain. In fact, it is one of the few communities in New Jersey that continues to use gas lights along the residential streets. And it is said that South Orange has the most operating gas lights of any town in the United States.


South Orange continues to be a New York City suburb, with several residents commuting to a job inManhattan. Commuters of South Orange apartments are lucky to have such a direct commute into the city. From the South Orange Station, one can hop on the NJ Transit train and take a 35 minute ride into Midtown Manhattan's Penn Station.


This suburban community is home to Seton Hall University, a prestigious institute which happens to be the oldest and largest Catholic university in New Jersey. In addition to its Newark campus, Seton Hall sits on 58 acres, with academic buildings of Roman, neo-gothic and modern architecture.

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