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Urban Edge provides 1 central place to enter your listings.  From our database, your listings can be fed to:

  • Your own website
  • Syndicated to 10+ real estate websites
  • CraigsList
  • MLS / 


Option #1 - FREE

Owners are invited to enter their listings each week into their Urban Edge account.

Opening an account is simple.  You enter your building information (one time) then enter and update your listings as often as you wish.  But be careful to keep your listings fresh.  If your account is not updated after 10 days, we’ll email you to remind you to update your listings.

If your listings have not been refreshed after 21 days, they will be automatically removed from “active” status.  This is because people use Urban Edge assuming that all listings are fresh.

Option #2

Listing Data Entry Service.  For a $30 weekly fee, Urban Edge will keep your listings fresh by calling/emailing/faxing you each week to get your listings.  Or, we will pull them directly off your website if you wish. 



Entering your building details

Setting up your account means entering your building information first.  Then your listings.

Marketing your units are more effective when you use your best images, floorplans & descriptions.  That’s why it’s important to setup your building in a complete, organized way, utilizing all available graphics to help market your units.

This one time setup is well worth the effort.  All future listings will be powerful selling tools on Urban Edge and other listing websites.


Option #1 - FREE

Owners are invited to setup their buildings so that each residence is fully represented with all selling tools; appropriate floorplans, photographs, pricing, etc.   We recommend entering all of your apartments, whether or not they are available.  That way, when one becomes available, all you have to do is “activate” a specific apartment and can feed it to numerous websites.

Option #2

We will set up your building for a flat fee, depending on how many units in the building:

1-100 Units: $50
101-200 Units: $100
201-500 Units: $250
501-1,000 Units: $500

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