Online Visibility

Be visible everywhere you can online, in all the free places

There are many places online where people might “stumble upon” your building, listing or company information.   The problem is that very often some information is missing, incomplete, outdated or just plain wrong.  Our knowledge and experience of how people search for a home and how the internet works enables us to ensure your visibility. The online places where your information might show up are:






There are over a dozen real estate directories that list buildings, owners, management companies, etc.  The information they currently on your company or building may have gotten there from employees of the website, outside brokers, or automatic “scraping” programs that lifted the information from who knows where.  These directories include NY Bits, City Realty, etc


The three main mapping sites are Google Maps, Yahoo/Bing maps and Mapquest.  We’ll make sure your building is “findable” on all of these sites.


If people are looking for your company or building(s) you need to be found.  We’ll make sure your site is “indexed” by the major search engines so when the company name or building name is typed into a search, you will be found.

Local & yellow pages

There are numerous “local” websites where you could be found.  This includes, Yellowpages, Google local, Wowdirectory, etc.  Online visibility means being found on these and other local oriented websites.

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