Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

Urban Edge offers Real Estate Search Engine marketing services tailored to owners & developers.  Search has proven itself to deliver a higher ROI than virtually any other direct marketing tactic. As it becomes increasingly expensive, however, active management, (in-house or outsourced), is vital to keep a positive return on investment.

As your partner for Search Engine marketing, our primary goal is to help you achieve the highest visibility for the lowest cost.  The goal is to be on the Search results page of Google, Yahoo, or other Search Engines, both in the US and abroad.

Search Engine Advertising / Pay Per Click

To succeed with real estate Pay Per Click advertising, you need to use the right keywords at the right time & place at the least expensive price. Then, you need to track the results directly to website leads, phone calls and finally, deals.

With a professionally managed campaign, Urban Edge guarantees you high visibility at the lowest possible cost per click - that's our job.

We'll track the click all the way through your website, measuring results and monitoring for click fraud. Finally, we'll help you explore various options offered by the media, such as local, contextual and in-line keyword advertising.


Search Engine Optimization


Success with Real Estate SEO requires specialized expertise in the nuances of content development, programming and Search Engine algorithms. Search Engine Optimization is a 3-legged stool, needing all 3 legs working together:

  • Content in your that uses the best keywords in the right places
  • Code that is easily "indexed" by search engine robots
  • Backlinks - quality links from other sites to your site

Our team of SEO pros provide ongoing optimization for dozens of clients, both in real estate and other industries.  We'd be happy to give you a complimentary review of your website to let you know whether SEO makes sense for your website, and what it would take to get you to the top of Google & Bing.

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