Tracking & Reporting


Urban Edge believes that all online marketing should be held accountable to results.  Conversions and deals are what we're most interested in.   We track conversions from every source, including offline efforts such as signage and print advertising.  We track all phone calls using Dynamic number insertion and VOIP (voice over internet protocol).

 "Conversions" include:

1.  people who leave their contact information on your website

2.  prospects who call or come in to your sales or rental office and

3.  actual deals done.

If your marketing activity does not result in actual sales, we believe in reviewing our message and the media we are in.


Urban Edge provides continual real estate website tracking of results.  We typically utilize Google Analytics to monitor activity on our client's websites.  Each month, we send a detailed report on all marketing activity and results.  Then, we meet with each client, by phone or in a monthly marketing meeting, to review the results and consider next steps.

We are happy to offer free analysis of your web site activity.  We'll let you know how your site compares with other real estate industry websites.  We'll let you know what is working and what is not working, and suggestions for improvement.

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