Urban Reach - Customer Tracking System

How do you turn visitors into deals?  

Besides having the right product & location, your marketing & sales teams need to be able to track prospects and convert them to sales.  Urban Reach is a "mission critical" tool that enables you to:

- Keep track of all inquires by phone, web or on-site walk-ins

- Email your prospects with news about new units or updated pricing

- Email your brokers with news about special incentives and availability

- Continually (over years) communicate with prospects, customers and brokers

- Generate in-depth reports to keep you constantly aware of your deal flow and   prospect pipeline.

Urban Reach is a web-based real estate CRM tool that is managed by you or your agents.  With a unique user name  & password, all data is strictly confidential.  Educate yourself on what is working and not working with your marketing efforts to help you get deals made in a cost effective way. 



Discounted packages are available for owners with 3 or more buildings.

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