Website Development

YOUR website IS KEY TO maintaining and increasing your deal flow.


Content Management

Your website should benefit from a content management system that makes updating & changing your website ultra easy.  It should be able to be maintained by anyone in your organization. 

Urban Edge can build your site with an easy to use content management system that can power all of your availabilities in real time.  You’ll be able to send (syndicate) your listings around the web.  Plus, you can track the results of all marketing as it relates to people calling, filling out your contact form or visiting your sales office.

From your centralized content management system, you can control all of your websites, even if you have stand-alone sites for specific buildings.

Availabilities posted on your website directly from Urban Edge

All of your availabilities can be posted to YOUR website in real time

Your existing website can display existing availabilities in real time, with current pricing, concessions, etc.    These availabilities can also link to your floorplans, photos, etc.  This can be installed on your current website, whether the site is in Flash or HTML.

Web Design

Our onsite award winning design team can develop a custom look for your site that will deliver the right message to the right user, while enhancing their user experience with streamlined navigation and functionallity.  Alternatively, if you already have a team in place, we can work with them to power the back end with our robust content management system.

Search Engine Optimization

We have search engine specialists to help insure that your site is found online.  It’s important to be visible on Google & Bing, without having to pay for the clicks.  Learn more

Integration with Property Management

Our websites are built to be able to integrate with your existing property management systems.  Whether you use Yardi, IBS or a proprietary system, we can integrate your marketing efforts into your existing system.  The ultimate goal in merging marketing with property management is tracking a deal back to it’s original source (i.e. a click from Google or a call to the leasing office.)

Mobile Website

More people are searching websites (and listings) using their mobile device.  Urban Edge will create a mobile version of your website for easy navigation from smart phones and not so smart phones.

Maintenance request & rent payment

Your website can also accept maintenance request from tenants.  We can build a database that keeps track of all requests, from initiation to completion/resolution.



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