Living in the Auburndale neighborhood of Queens

Auburndale Apartments

Auburndale is a Queens neighborhood known for its abundance of Tudor-style homes, both single-family houses and duplexes. Many of the streets are lined with trees, and most of the homes have nice, green lawns out front.


If not Tudor-style, the homes in Auburndale will most likely be of Dutch colonial and Cape Code-style houses. Many low-rise NY apartments are available in this Queens neighborhood, and several blocks have short groups of rowhouses.


Auburndale is situated just east of Queens' Murray Hill, and to the southwest of Bayside, and was founded at the turn of the 20th century. The community's growth and development was attributed by the construction of the Auburndale station stop off the Long Island Railroad's Port Washington Line.


Living in Auburndale

This suburban-style neighborhood is protected by the Auburndale Improvement Association which aims to preserve the quaint-nature of the neighborhood. 


Auburndale remains a convenient stop on the Long Island Railroad, with a 25-30 minute ride into Midtown Manhattan's Penn Station from the local station.  Of course, residents of Auburndale apartments have the option to take the local Queens Q13 & Q28 buses westward to the Main Street - Flushing Station off of the number 7 train. Or commuters can take the QM3 express bus into Manhattan, catching a ride from one of several stops along Northern Boulevard.

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