Living in the Bayswater neighborhood of Queens

Bayswater Apartments

Bayswater is a beautiful community located on the eastern end of the Rockaway Peninsula. Although this neighborhood doesn't have direct beach access, it has several pleasant attributes that bolster its reputation.


This residential section of Queens is one of the most suburban sections of the borough, with several blocks of large homes on rather good-sized plots. For renters, this place is a great option, containing more than a few NY apartments near the eastern side of town. Although these buildings lack the immense height and views offered by those closer to the water, the available Bayswater apartments are for those who enjoy a quiet, suburban atmosphere.


Near The Shore In Bayswater

As is with much of the Rockaways, there is access to Bayswater via the A Train of the city's subway system. For those who are unfamiliar, the Rockaways are among the final station stops along this line, meaning over an hour subway ride into Manhattan. Similar to other Eastern Queens neighborhoods, the car is a staple item for everyday. When residing this far from their place of work, many residents choose to drive given the method's privacy and freedom (although traffic, fuel, and parking expenses continue to rise).


Facing Jamaica Bay to the north and west, Bayswater keeps its seaside character close to heart. This isn't to say the neighborhood is a fishing town like the communities at the back of the Bay, although you might see a fish market or two. As most of Bayswater is residentially occupied, most citizens may find the need to hop over to Far Rockaway, where there are more commercial centers for shopping and services.


Bayswater is a great suburban community for a single family house rental, or an apartment in a typical multi-family unit. Rockaway's beaches put the sand almost at your doorstep, providing residents of Bayswater apartments with a sanctuary to call home.

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