Living in the Beechhurst neighborhood of Queens

Beechhurst Apartments

Sitting at the western edge of the Throggs Neck Bridge is the Queens neighborhood of Beechhurst, with its suburban feel and charming homes. Although the community lacks one distinctly defined atmosphere, it is entirely residential, and seems closer to suburban New Jersey than New York City.


There are a few NY apartments in the area, however, most of the housing stock is limited to single-family homes and low-rise apartment buildings. You'll find that most Beechhurst apartments are found in multifamily buildings with "towers in the park" style. But with resident pools and water views of the Throggs Neck, these units don't come cheap.


Life on the Throggs Neck in Beechhurst

Similar to the other northeastern Queens neighborhoods, there is no nearby access to the NYC subway system. However, commuters living in Beechhurst apartments can hop on the QM2 express bus and arrive in Midtown Manhattan in about forty-five minutes. If you're not familiar with "residential Queens", then you might be surprised to see the large amount of driveways around town. Besides Staten Island, this borough is the most car-centric, and the drive to Manhattan is about thirty minutes, depending on traffic.


Beechhurst is often considered as a section of Whitestone, and it's easy to see why. These two communities have similar homes and, along with the neighborhood of Malba, sit on a wide peninsula between the Throgs Neck and Whitestone Bridges. Residents of Beechhurst apartments are relatively close to Little Bay Park, which sits at the southern shore of Little Bay. This slim greenspace offers 55 acres of parkland, along with bicycle paths, a dog run, roller hockey rink, and a kayak launch site. This seaside neighborhood is a wonderful option for families, and those who appreciate tranquility

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