Living in the Bellaire neighborhood of Queens

Bellaire Apartments

Situated directly to the west of Queens Village is a small, residential neighborhood named Bellaire. Compared with many other New York City neighborhoods, this one has a distinctly suburban feel.


In Bellaire, you won't find the typical NY apartment in a multi-family dwelling. Rather, most of the Bellaire apartments will be found as single-family house rentals.


Living in Bellaire

Bellaire fits just between Hollis and Queens Village, putting it near Queens' border with Nassau County. And as with most eastern Queens neighborhoods, Bellaire isn't the most accessible by the city's public transit system. 


Although there aren't many greenspaces within walking distance of Bellaire apartments, it is only a short trip to Alley Pond Park. This massive park is Queens' second largest, and offers a variety of activities and leisure throughout its natural acreage. Bellaire is very much a suburban neighborhood, yet scattered about the outskirts of town are several areas for basic shopping. Strips including Jamaica Avenue have many shops and restaurants, fulfilling most resident necessities.


Commuting From Bellaire

At first glance, it is easy to see that many residents of Bellaire apartments use their automobile. Almost every single-family home comes complete with a driveway, and many times a garage. But if you don't have a car, not to worry! This section of Queens is served by the Long Island Railroad, accessible by both the nearby Hollis and Queens Village Stations. With a quick transfer in Jamaica, it's a smooth 30-minute commute into Manhattan's Penn Station.

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