Living in the Breezy Point neighborhood of Queens

Breezy Point Apartments

Few of New York's beachside communities can compete with the neighborhood of Breezy Point, located on the western tip of the Rockaways. In fact, both Breezy and Rockaway Points are further than a mile from the rest of the Rockaway communities, giving the area a sense of serenity and isolation.


Due to the high percentage of single-family homes in the neighborhood, there are very few, if any, Breezy Point apartments available. If you're in the market for a typical NY apartment, this neighborhood might not be the right choice--but it's a perfect option for those looking to enjoy a beachside lifestyle in a somewhat secluded location.


Life in Breezy Point

Just when you thought the apartment hunt couldn't get any more difficult, you'll find that the trip to this neighborhood is just as daunting. For starters: if you don't own a car--fugetaboutit! With absolutely no public transportation options, getting around town (and to your apartment) requires a car.


Although Breezy Point has a few shops and restaurants of its own, very few will meet the basic needs of its citizens. Rather, residents of Breezy Point apartments might be better off traveling further east on the Rockaways, or by entering the greater area of Queens. As is with many upscale beach communities, there are a few beach clubs on the coast. Such organizations include the Breezy Point Surf Club and the Silver Gull Club, both private escapes on the waterfront. 


Here, it seems that the conveniences you give up are well accommodated by the advantages of living on such a peninsula. While both Breezy and Rockaway Point are clustered into a particular section of the island, most of the encompassing space is relatively open and untouched. In fact, the tip of the Rockaways is called Breezy Point Tip, which provides acres of unspoiled nature within the larger, Gateway National Recreation Area. But when you've fished yourself tired at the "Tip", why not take a stroll down to Fort Tilden on the east side of town. This Fort has historical significance to the immediate area, and once functioned as an army base. Today, the land consists of beaches, dunes, and forest, and is a great spot for those who enjoy nature.

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