Living in the Broad Channel neighborhood of Queens

Broad Channel Apartments

Broad Channel is a neighborhood located on a long, narrow island in Jamaica Bay. This channel is the byway of the Cross Bay Boulevard, and rests between Howard Beach and the Rockaway Peninsula.


Such a small inlet makes it rather difficult to find available housing, and Broad Channel is no exception. Although mostly a residential community of single-family homes, there are a few NY apartments available around town, but nothing to the abundance of multi-family units in places like Manhattan. Nonetheless, Broad Channel apartments do exist, and allow for a seaside lifestyle in an interesting Queens neighborhood.


Living in Broad Channel

The Cross Bay Boulevard is the community's main stretch, and does just as the name implies. Several streets extend off of this avenue and out to the waterfront, mostly in long, dead-end segments. The homes in this section have exclusive access to the Bay, which is this Broad Channel's typical backyard. Most of the homes resemble those in the Rockaway neighborhoods, and stick to the basic, oceanside style.


Living on a small island often means trouble when discussing the commute. But, surprisingly, Broad Channel is just as accessible as several other neighborhoods in the immediate region. For those with a car, the Cross Bay Boulevard is the artery on and off of the spit of land, traveling up to Howard Beach and down to Rockaway Beach. Taking up residence in Southern or Eastern Queens often means giving up easy access to the subway system--but this is not the case. Rather, dwellers in Broad Channel apartments can catch the A Train and the Rockaway Park Shuttle from the island's own station, aptly named Broad Channel Station. Although getting to the train is rather simple, the long ride to Manhattan can be a real drag--especially if it's your daily commute.


Considering the size of the island, Broad Channel's tiny town has quite a few commercial storefronts. Here, you've got the lot: bagel shops, delis, and the normal gamut of barbers and pizza houses. For shopping beyond the basic necessities, residents will probably find the need to travel to the greater section of Queens, Brooklyn, or Manhattan. If you're looking for a quiet, seaside lifestyle away from the bustle of the city, then take a gander at some rentals in Broad Channel apartments.

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