Living in the Cambria Heights neighborhood of Queens

Cambria Heights Apartments

At first look, Cambria Heights might seem like a normal residential Queens neighborhood, but when you reach the sidestreets, you'll notice its rather cookie-cutter style. Yet even with its planned-suburb atmosphere, this is by no means a boring area to search for NY apartments.


The housing stock is mostly one- to two-story, single-family homes on very quiet, tree-lined streets. Most homes share the same style throughout each respective block. Its suburban nature makes for a safe family community.


Cambria Heights is bordered to the west by Francis Lewis Boulevard (and St. Albans), with Nassau County (and the village of Elmont) bordering to the east. Queens Village lies to the north, while Laurelton and Rosedale sit to the south.


Living in Cambria Heights

The Cambria Heights community is situated smack dab at the middle distance between two Long Island Rail Road lines, yet neither are accessible by walking. For Manhattan commuters living in Cambria Heights apartments, the best public transport option might be the X64 express bus, which takes passengers to Midtown in just over one hour. This is the most direct transportation option, however commuters can hop on the local Q83 bus, which will take them to the E, J & Z trains, as well as the Long Island Rail Road, at the Jamaica Center Transportation Hub.


Cambria Heights has one commercial thoroughfare in particular, Linden Avenue. Along this strip are several restaurants, both local and chain. Here, residents of Cambria Heights apartments can complete most of their errands without even leaving their neighborhood. When looking for a quaint, quiet, suburban-style neighborhood, Cambria Heights has much to offer.

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