Living in the Clearview neighborhood of Queens

Clearview Apartments

Situated in Northern Queens is the residential neighborhood of Clearview. Although the community is dominated by a few garden apartment complexes, much of the neighborhood is lined with single-family homes. 


If you're looking for the typical NY apartment, this pocket of Queens might not be the best bet. Nonetheless,  Clearview apartments will probably be listed as house rentals, or availabilities in a garden apartment.


Life in Clearview

If you're not a resident of Queens, you might have only heard of Clearview in reference to the public golf course and expressway of the same name. The relation in name is easy to see, as these two notable Queens fixtures are located on the eastern boundary of the Clearview neighborhood. When visiting the community, you'll quickly notice it's residential atmosphere with charming homes, small front yards, and many times a driveway or garage. 


Like many Queens neighborhoods, getting around by the subway is simply not an option--but this doesn't leave out the bus routes that serve the neighborhood. Rather, the Q16 can take you directly into Flushing, or oppositely, out to the beautiful and historic grounds of Fort Totten. Also running through the community is the QM20 express bus, which makes its way through the center of town to provide the commuters of Clearview apartments with straight-shot access into Manhattan. With this particular express bus, the total trip time into Midtown is just under an hour, with only a few stops and zero transfers.


Clearview's strong suburban feel makes it ideal for families who want the simple life, and its few commercial strips will satisfy basic necessities. Utopia Parkway and Francis Lewis Boulevard have several scattered restaurants and stores that are perfect for quick and convenient shopping--not a night on the town. If you're in the market for a home rental or a unit within a garden apartment complex, the quaint Clearview neighborhood is a good contender.

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