Living in the East Flushing neighborhood of Queens

East Flushing Apartments

Relocate yourself, you and your spouse, or your entire family out to the gorgeous, suburban Queens neighborhood of East Flushing and you will be moving ot one of the city's most charming neighborhoods.


East Flushing is bordered to the west and north by Flushing, with Queens' Murray Hill to the north, and Auburndale to the east.


Every side street is lined with beautiful trees that create canopies over the roadway. The vast majority of housing stock in this neighborhood are single-family, tudor-style homes homes.  Although there are only a handful of low-rise multi-family complexes, there are still NY apartments to be found dotting the area.


Suburban Life in East Flushing

East Flushing is bordered to the south by the great Kissena Park, which is located in the center of the, even larger, Kissena Corridor Park. This 234 acre park is notable for its large lake, in addition to its numerous playgrounds, basketball courts, baseball  fields, soccer fields, tennis courts, and even a velodrome for high-speed bicycling.


The Kissena Park Corridor is an enormous greenspace strip, connecting various parks from Flushing Meadows - Corona Park at the west to the Kissena Golf Course at the east. Running through this corridor is the once-used Long Island Motor Parkway, which is now a bicycle path. For bike-owning residents of East Flushing apartments, this bicycle thruway will take each rider to Flushing's central commercial hub, Main Street.


There are four local Queens buses that run through East Flushing, that will take passengers north to the main commercial section of Flushing, or south to the Jamaica Center transportation hub.

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