Living in the Glendale neighborhood of Queens

Glendale Apartments

Glendale is located in Central Queens, and its tree-lined streets make for a good mix of urban and suburban atmospheres.


The NY apartments in this area can be found in a mix of housing options, from detached to semi-detached rowhouses, to duplexes, to a small section of single-family homes at the neighborhood's eastern end. Whatever your preference, you're bound to find available Glendale apartments on a shady block.


Suburban Life in Glendale

The community's narrow shape is bounded between countless strip of parks and cemeteries. But like many Queens neighborhoods, Glendale's quiet, residential feel is accompanied by its low accessibility to the subway system. But note the term "low accessibility", because just beyond the neighborhood's western borders are both the "M" & "L" trains.


Although most residents of Glendale apartments will be out of foot-range from the closest subway stations, the Q55 (running along Myrtle Ave) is an easy method of getting directly to the Myrtle Ave "L" station, or a few short blocks from the Wyckoff Ave "M" station. But keep in mind that Glendale is well served by two express buses: the QM24 & QM25. So, if your commute ends in Lower Manhattan, the QM25 will take you there in about 55 minutes, and if you work in Midtown, the trip on the QM24 is about 40 minutes.


Glendale's hotspot for life is Myrtle Avenue, no doubt, as the strip is packed with restaurants of several ethnic varieties, as well as a wide selection of neighborhood shops, salons, bakeries, and markets. But if you're looking for something to do on a summer weekend, most Glendale apartments are just a short trip from Queens' third largest park. At 543 acres, Forest Park sits at the community's southeastern corner, providing residents with numerous activities: bocce ball, basketball, cycling, hiking, skating, tennis, volleyball, golf and barbecuing. But don't take my word for it; one visit to this expansive greenspace, and you'll discover why it is one of Queens' most respected and utilized public parks.

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